Simple steps for a perfect makeup

steps perfect makeup

When you meet someone the first impression is very important and an important role plays the appearance, outfit, hair, skin and makeup. Taking care of skin is part of daily beauty routine and after that makeup is important to.

There are females that doesn’t care so much about makeup, foundation, concealer or blush. The other part doesn’t imagine starting the day without wearing the perfect makeup, to feel confident and comfortable all day.

For the last part we will give some simple tips on how doing a perfect makeup for a flawless skin.

Hide undereye circles

dark circles

After cleaning face properly, start to hide dark circles under eyes by using concealer. Try a creamy formula, apply in little stripes and blend using fingers for a lightest touch. For a best result choose a concealer that matches your skin tone or is a little brighter.  Also you can use concealer on zits or blemishes to hide them.

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Spring-Summer 2013 makeup trends

ss2013 makeup trends

We talked about top trends in fashion for women and men. But spring not only brings changes in fashion, but also in makeup, hair trends, accessories and even in home design. When we think about spring, spontaneously comes to our mind colors, joy, light, hopes, dreams and happiness. These positive emotions are also reflected in our wardrobe and makeup.

Differently from tendencies of fall-winter, spring brings out colors like green and blue on the eyes and bright colored matte lips.

To have a better idea of the newest trend on makeup this season we will share with you the hottest and the top trends from runways:


Eyes makeup

eyes makeup trend

Eyeliner like the last year (cat-eye look), is essential in your makeup. Bold eyeliner paired with red lips and matte skin is a sexy 60’ inspired makeup. It’s usually done with nude or neutral eye shadows that give you that sophisticated and intriguing look. You can see this makeup trend on Miu Miu, Roberto Cavalli, Chanel etc designers.

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