Healthy snacks at your office

office snacks

It’s common that during work day, 8 hours or more in office you want to indulge something, often junk food to fight stress and work frustration. You know sodas, chips, pizza or sweets are not the best of your choices, so you have to think about healthy snacks to eat at your office, to keep you charged and with energy.

But be careful when you eat at your desk, pay attention not only to what you eat but also how much you eat.

Usually people snacks at their desks in front of computer and tend to eat fast, furiously and more than they really need. It’s the same thing like eating while watching TV, a mindless eating, tending to take extra calories.

Another problem is the nervous or emotional eating. You are not really hunger but you snack because of boredom or stress. After eating you feel relieved but at the same time guilty. You must control that emotional snacking by managing stress and asking yourself if you really feel hungry.

So the best choice is to take your time when you are eating and to put aside work. Enjoy your food while not risk overeating. Snacks are very important into your daily diet but remember that their calories matter so be careful on what you choose.

Considering these advises here is a list of healthy snacks to eat at your office:

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