Sunglasses trend Summer 2013

sunglasses trend2013

Sunglasses are accessories that anyone must have this summer. If you want to make a statement, sunglasses complete you besides what you are wearing. Accessories are important details that make anyone look unique in his style.

Play with the latest trends and rock this summer with different shapes and shades proposed by most famous designers.

Whatever your budget or style, here are 8 Summer Sunglasses trend that will inspire you:

1. Mirrored sunglasses

mirrored sunglasses

Mirrored sunglasses are a trend alert of this year, worn even by celebrities like Alessandra Ambrosio or Jessica Alba. These reflector sunglasses, the mirrored look is perfect for modern girls and casual styles. They come in different colors like, blue, pink, yellow or silver aviator sunglasses. This style made iconic in 80s, now it comes back as everything retro is in vogue.

 2. Clubmaster sunglasses

clubmaster sunglasses

Another retro style that has its roots in 60s influences the modern fashion. It’s most a boy-style but it used by both genders. The brand that populorised this design was Ray Ban when it introduced the Wayfarer Max and Clubmaster in 80s. They were seen this year at Prada and Proenza Schouler.

3. Translucent

translucent suglasses

Clear and transparent frames, especially plastic, are a trend of this season, shades that goes well with everything. Seen at Marc by Marc Jacobs, Bottega Veneta and Alexander McQueen these sunglasses can be worn both by women and men. Translucent is also used in bags, jewelry and shoes this season.

4. Cat eye sunglasses

cat eye sunglasses

Another retro inspired style that is hot right now. They come in different shapes and colors, capable to flatter every face type and to give a touch of feminine look. They are perfect paired with a red lipstick and raised hair. Glamour, chic look with classic black frame or printed that looks good for a cocktail party.

5. Colorful sunglasses

colorful sunglasses

Summer is full of color, the nature, the sun, sea everything surrounding us. These colors are shown also in fashion runways even in sunglasses. Whether bold hues like blue, pink or yellow or pastel shades, the contrast they make with your outfit or tanned skin is attractive. You can also pair them with your jewelry or other accessories.

6. Embellished sunglasses 

embellished sunglasses

Make a fashion statement with decorated sunglasses this summer. Seen at Prada and Dolce & Gabbana, they certainly are high fashion statement. They can be wear with solid colors to emphasize the decoration of sunglasses or you can go for a mix and match of patterns.

7. Geometric

geometric sunglasses

Large size, bold shades of geometric sunglasses gives mystery to the female image. Most seen at Fendi and Miu Miu collection.

8. Round sunglasses

round sunglasses

Small, medium or large, round sunglasses come in all sizes and colors. John Lennon sunglasses are back with thicker frames and contrasting colors. Used also by celebrities, they look funny for a night out not for a formal event. Anyway people with round face shape should skip this style. They go well on women and men to.

Now all you need is just sunshine!

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