Spring-Summer 2013 makeup trends

ss2013 makeup trends

We talked about top trends in fashion for women and men. But spring not only brings changes in fashion, but also in makeup, hair trends, accessories and even in home design. When we think about spring, spontaneously comes to our mind colors, joy, light, hopes, dreams and happiness. These positive emotions are also reflected in our wardrobe and makeup.

Differently from tendencies of fall-winter, spring brings out colors like green and blue on the eyes and bright colored matte lips.

To have a better idea of the newest trend on makeup this season we will share with you the hottest and the top trends from runways:


Eyes makeup

eyes makeup trend

Eyeliner like the last year (cat-eye look), is essential in your makeup. Bold eyeliner paired with red lips and matte skin is a sexy 60’ inspired makeup. It’s usually done with nude or neutral eye shadows that give you that sophisticated and intriguing look. You can see this makeup trend on Miu Miu, Roberto Cavalli, Chanel etc designers.

Shimmery eye shadow, metallic and sparkly for a strong look. This makeup is perfect for a night out paired with nude lips if you use strong colors like green or blue and colored lips if you use neutral glittering eye shadow. As you see the trend of metallic is not just for clothes and accessories but also about makeup.

Versus, Stella McCartney, Moschino, Gucci and Kenzo used shades of aqua, royal blue, jade, pink and turquoise in eye makeup. It’s a look that you can wear everyday without any problem. Use these colors in the form of eyeliner, eye shadow or dare for colored mascara. If you want something more extravagant, put a few sparkles like Chanel or Gucci models.

Full lashes are another makeup trend this season after some seasons of natural lashes. Now the longer, bolder and full they are, it’s better. They give that dramatic look as an important part of the eye makeup. If your mascara does not miracles, opt for fake lashes. Pay attention to lower lashes maybe letting the mascara clump together a little.



eyebrows spring 2013

Like the last season, fall-winter 2012, also this season designers used strong and thick eyebrows. Just brow your eyebrows and find your natural shape, like a 90’ look. You can also use a brown eyebrow pencil to get the natural and thickness you want.



lips makeup ss2013

Matte lips, bold, wine hues, pink or neon with a touch of mascara and a luminous skin can easily be wear on everyday life without being vulgar. No more oily lips. Matte lipstick or creamy matte is the trend of spring-summer 2013. Leave your lip-gloss at home this season.

Neon lips, especially pink, coral and fuchsia are very trendy even without an eye makeup. Just put some mascara and focus on your lips.

Wine hues lips go on as a top trend of lips colors. These shades suits to all skin types. They look sexy, attractive and give that sophisticated that touch of glamour. But don’t forget to apply blush on your cheeks to avoid a vampire look.


Face makeup

natural look makeup

What about the face makeup? Natural, fresh skin is the most used and seen on runways. Apply a liquid foundation, concealer and blush to opt for a flawless look. Seen at Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana and DKNY a natural skin shades that gives opportunity to focus on eyes or lips.

You can be inspired by these looks, but everyone is unique in his style. Important is to feel comfortable and confident with yourself. Play with colors, try new things and enjoy spring-summer 2013.

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