Simple steps for a perfect makeup

steps perfect makeup

When you meet someone the first impression is very important and an important role plays the appearance, outfit, hair, skin and makeup. Taking care of skin is part of daily beauty routine and after that makeup is important to.

There are females that doesn’t care so much about makeup, foundation, concealer or blush. The other part doesn’t imagine starting the day without wearing the perfect makeup, to feel confident and comfortable all day.

For the last part we will give some simple tips on how doing a perfect makeup for a flawless skin.

Hide undereye circles

dark circles

After cleaning face properly, start to hide dark circles under eyes by using concealer. Try a creamy formula, apply in little stripes and blend using fingers for a lightest touch. For a best result choose a concealer that matches your skin tone or is a little brighter.  Also you can use concealer on zits or blemishes to hide them.

Apply primer


Women often don’t pay attention to primer but its part of your makeup and help to not clog pores by foundation. Primer has a filling effect so in that way you will need less makeup later. They work much like a moisturizer and create that barrier between skin and foundation. They also allow foundation to stay longer in hot weather.



Now is time to apply foundation. Choose a liquid foundation with silicone or described as invisible, sheer or lightweight. They are better than the matte or luminous ones. To build up full coverage use flat brush not fingers, it soaks up less foundation and blend flawlessly. If you do it right you will get a flawless look but if not you risk looking like a clown. Also you don’t have to apply foundation to the entire face, just some dots on your chin, forehead, cheeks, nose and blend the dots together. Pay attention to your jawline and hairline to hide every line on your face.

Hide imperfections


Once you applied foundation still some acne scars, blemishes or zits are not covered. Hide them with extra layer of concealer with salicylic acid that cover and at the same time helps blemishes shrink. Apply it to the spot and with your ring finger pat its perimeter outward until smooth.

Powder makeup

powder makeup

For a finish touch take a fluffy, large brush, loose it in translucent powder and apply to your nose, cheeks and forehead, or as known T-zone which is more prone to be shiny and oily. Pressed, mineral based powder makeup, helps to keep the foundation longer on your skin.

The rule is simple: less is more because if you use too much it can look cakey and fake, it also accentuates wrinkles.

Another positive reason to use powder makeup is that they don’t clog pores and have oil-absorbing properties. You can use it even after the moisturizer or SPF cream without using liquid foundation before.


blush cheeks

Now blush those cheeks. Smile and blend the color up toward temples with fingers if it’s a creamy blush and with brush if its powder blush. Blush is used to stimulate a natural glow of skin and emphasize your face shape. Blush colors choices depend on your skin tone. Pink blushes are appropriate for lighter complexions and berries or plum shades looks good on darker skin tone. Natural shades as beige, nude or brown are warm colors that mostly serve as bronzers than blushers.

You can also mix two shades, a natural one with light pink or darker shades for a healthy glowing skin.

Now you are ready to go out and enjoy your day or evening.

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