Men, lose your belly fat with these tips

Belly fat is a problem for so many people males and females. While females tend to get fat after pregnancy, for men it’s more genetic. How many young guys have this problem? This is also due to high-calorie diets, inactivity and bad lifestyle habits.

Its not just about the appearance and self-confidence, it also increases the risk for diabetes, sleep apnea, heart diseases, or even cancer.

However, you can shed the weight on your belly fast, bust your gut and define your abs by making a few changes to your diet and exercise.

The secret is simple: expend more calories than you consume each day. Of course the best results will be combining a proper diet with cardio and strength exercises.

Foods that burn belly fat

Stop eating foods like sugar, pasta or other that contain carbohydrates. These foods are hard to digest and cause bloating.

Also avoid drinking alcohol, soda and drink tea, coffee, wine (in moderation) and plenty of water.

foods to lose belly fat

Lean protein

According to studies, consuming large amount of protein promote belly fat loss. For a 2000 calorie diet, 35% of it must be taken from protein. They are easy to digest and promote muscle gain. Good sources of lean protein are: fish, chicken, eggs, low fat dairy, beans and lentils.

Yogurt and low-fat dairy

The high amount of calcium in dairy products helps the body store less fat and burn more. That’s because calcium stops the release of calcitrol hormone which is responsible for storing fat in your body.


This fruit can help to burn your belly fat. They have antioxidants and many nutrients that help body release fat from cells and prevent fat absorption. They also contain fiber that keeps you feeling full and you will be less hungry. But don’t skip the skin, it contains the majority of nutrients.


Loaded with fiber, protein and unsaturated fat, they stabilize blood sugar levels and make you feel full. You can eat them as snacks by choosing walnuts, peanuts or cashews.


Oatmeal is the best choice for breakfast. Rich in fiber it helps flush out acids from your body, low cholesterol level and keeps you satiated for a long time. It’s a source of good fats and low carbohydrates which help to flat your belly and store energy in your muscles.

And remember that you don’t have to forbid yourself to eat something you love, because the more you tell yourself you can’t eat, the more you want it.

Exercises to lose belly fat

There are not only crunches for belly fat. You should do cardio exercises like running, jogging, swimming or kickboxing for 30 minutes before doing strength or weight exercises. This helps to warm up and burn calories and fat. Also try versa-climber, the more vertical is more calories you burn.

men running

Crunches are perfect for your abdominal muscles but you have to reduce your overall fat to show off your abs, stronger and larger. Start doing 10 replies a day and then increase slowly the number over time.

men crunches

Weight training helps a lot on reducing belly fat. It not only burns calories but it also increase calorie requirement for muscle repair. These exercises works on abs, glutes, hamstrings, chest, triceps, biceps and lower back. In addition strength training helps you maintain your muscle mass and loosing body fat at the same time.

weight lifting

For your lower abdominal muscles perform leg raises to tighten your stomach and start with 10 replies a day, then increase slowly.

Alternate these three exercises and work on your muscles, to lose your belly fat and why not get those six abs.

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