Kim Kardashian beauty secrets

Kim Kardashian beauty secrets

Kim Kardashian is a public figure known not for anything special, but just for her appearance that has inspired so many females. She looks so perfect in every occasion, her hair, her skin, her lashes everything.

There are so many fans that want to know something more about her beauty routine, what products does she use, any secret or lesson.

Here are some tips reveled by Kim Kardashian about her beauty routine:

–      Skip shampoo sometimes


When you see Kim you, one of first things that you notice are her shiny and healthy hair. What’s her secret? She doesn’t wash it every day, she washes her hair every other day and this helps it shine. She uses also Carol’s Daughter Monoi hair mask and Moroccanoil to keep her hair soft. In her bad hair days when it has no volume, she just put in a ponytail.

–      Max out lashes

kim kardashian eyelashes

Certainly you have noticed Kim’s long and luscious lashes. Are those lash extension or is just a special mascara? She said that sometimes she wears false lashes for shoots or events, but she naturally has long lashes. She also prefers Mac Zoom Lashes and Lancome Hypnose mascara.

–      Be careful with eye shadows


She concentrates on her eyes, lashes, shadows and eyebrows. For a perfect eye shadow she first powder under eyes and then brush it off. She is one of best examples that apply eye shadow perfectly. She creates the smoky effect by powdering under her eyes before applying shadow and brushing it off. This is the secret also for long lasting color.

–      Pay attention to eyebrows shape

kim kardashian eyebrows

Eyebrows are important to complete our look. Be careful to maintain a perfect shape and tweeze them after the shower when hairs are softer. This is what Kim does. She has a trusted person that takes care of her eyebrow ever 3 weeks, she is Anastasia Soare in Beverly Hills. Her perfect shape is round at the peak not pointed and finish at the end of the brow.

–      Best shades for your skin

kim kardashian makeup

When she applies foundation, then she powders her face, put on concealer to create contours and blend it with a sponge. She also uses a matte bronzer not a shimmer one because the last one makes skin look oily. She chooses a blush that creates a light contrast with her skin color, usually a tawnier shade.

For her lips generally she goes for nude shades to emphasize her eyes but we have seen her putting red lipstick and she looks so good.

–      Remove makeup every night

make up remover wipes

This is an important step of daily beauty routine. “I never go to sleep without cleaning my face and removing makeup. This is essential for preventing wrinkles and acne”. She uses makeup wipes like Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes which cleans perfectly face. Remember that if you are going to use wipes, choose the ones meant for face, not the common wipes used for babies.

–      Exfoliate skin

body exfolation

Exfoliation or scrub is very important to keep skin smooth and fresh. There are many choices (natural or not) to exfoliate face and body. Kim Kardashian does this in SPA in downtown Los Angeles.

–      Take care of nails

kim kardashian nail

Kim likes to take care of her nails every week at the salon. She prefers a square shape and a natural look. She always has an emery board in her bag to fix her nails wherever she is.

–      Eat right and workout

kim kardashian at gym

It’s not easy to keep a beautiful body even after pregnancy, but Kim can do this. She pays attention to what she eats for example she eats oatmeal for breakfast, salad for lunch and for dinner chicken. Also she goes to gym regularly.

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