Tips on how to get rid of wrinkles

Signs of aging are something that everybody worries about. The wrinkle battle probably is priority for so many persons, males or females whether 50 or 30 years old. Instead of feeling stressed and hopeless, take sign of wrinkle causes and how to reduce them. Now with the technology we have today and powerful products, its possible to look the same age you feel.

What is a wrinkle?

prevent wrinkles

When you start aging (a natural process of life), skin start to lose it elasticity, moisture, collagen producing and it becomes more fragile and thinner. As a result of these components are formed wrinkles that are crease, ridges or fold in the skin. The first wrinkles appear on your face as a result of facial expressions in a form of fine lines. Than other factors like dehydration, sun exposure, smoking cause wrinkles to develop.

Wrinkles appear not only on face but also on neck, hands or tops of forearms. They are classified in two types:

  • Deep furrows
  • Surface lines

The last ones are easier to treat with creams, anti-wrinkle masks or other non surgery techniques. For the deeper ones are required injections (filler) or plastic surgery to cut the years off and to look younger.

The most common causes of wrinkles are:

Genetic factors

Sun exposure

Facial expressions

Natural aging


Environmental pollutants

Non-appropriate nutrition

How to prevent and reduce wrinkles?

You know the rule “better preventing than cure” so start early to treat wrinkles even you don’t have visible ones. By knowing the factors that cause them, you can control their affects.

Wear sunscreen


Sun is one of the main factors that cause wrinkles. Although sun has its benefits in your health, you have to be protected from UVA and UVB rays when you are outdoors. Besides sunscreen at least SPF 15, wear light colors or white, also you can use a hat, do not expose to sun between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. The same thing with solar, they are harmful for your skin so be careful.

Wear sunglasses

wearing sunglasses

The skin around eyes is more sensitive and thin, it is more predisposed for wrinkles. If you are outdoors don’t squint your eyes, wear sunglasses and prevent your facial expression. Also important is wearing reading glasses. Is the same thing, put glasses to prevent squinting eyes.

Sleep well

good sleep

Sleep is related with so many body conditions, even with skin and wrinkles. Dermatologists say that when you don’t get enough sleep, the body produces excess cortisol hormone that breaks down skin cells. At the contrary, when you have enough sleep, the body produces more HGH (human growth hormone), that helps the skin be elastic, thick and less predisposed for wrinkles. Also the same importance has the position of sleeping. Sleep on your back to stay safe of cheeks and chin wrinkles if you sleep on the side, sleep lines if you sleep with your face against the pillow. Also using satin pillow can help on your anti-wrinkle battle.

Stop smoking

stop smoking

Smoking has no positive effects, it’s just so harmful for your health, body and skin appearance. Just the act of smoking creates creases around the mouth that in the future are permanent wrinkles. Also it increases the number free radicals which are responsible of skin aging and premature wrinkles. Free radicals are also created by environmental pollutants, medicine and processed foods. They damage elastin and collagen which are essential for skin youth.  According to studies, people who smoke tends to have more wrinkled skin and 40% thinner than non-smokers.

Use moisturizer

face moisturizer

Skin dehydration is also a main factor that cause wrinkle. The good news is that you can control it by using a good moisturizer that soften wrinkles and keep skin hydrated. A moist skin looks better and lines and creases are less noticeable. Don’t skip it.

Good nutrition


food with antioxidantsFood is so important for your overall health. Skin is so much affected by what you eat. The key of fighting wrinkles are antioxidants which fight free radicals. Choose foods rich in antioxidants like fruits and vegetables, avoid processed foods and sugars. Also fish, especially salmon is powerful as anti-wrinkle treatment because it contains the fatty acid omega 3, that nourish the skin, keeps it youthful and glowing. Researchers found in a study that flavonoids founded in cocoa and coffee, protect skin from sun damages, affect hydration, improve circulation to skin cells and make skin look smoother.

Manage stress


Stress is a disease that must be treat as other diseases because it affects the overall health of people. High level of stress means high level of cortisol hormone that breaks down skin cells. Control and manage your stress by using meditation techniques, practicing Yoga, walking or exercising. Your skin will thank you for that.

With these tips you will not stop the clock but at least you will slow down the aging process.

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