How to become a model

There are so many people that have a model idol and want to become like him or her. Becoming a model is one of the most frequent dreams of teens and of course if you are tall, slim and beautiful you have much more chances to become a high fashion model.

But this is not all that you need. If you don’t fit these criteria there are also chances for you to become a model. Maybe you have talent, you are unique, you have style, personality and a perfect spirit to be a model.

Fashion industry is large and needs all different sizes and shapes. There are different types of modeling where you can start your career and grow up more and more. All that you need are some tips and advises on how to start.

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Here are some tips on how to become a model:

–      First of all is to know your goals. You should have clear ideas on what do you want, what do you like most and what kind of modeling you want to do. There are different kinds of modeling like: photo shoots, commercial options, runway models, editorial marketing etc. Now is much easier to start.

–       Be informed, read enough about modeling world and be prepared about what you are going through. There is so much information around the web, magazines that give tips for new models.

–      Try out modeling schools or classes. They teach you everything on how to be a model and be more confident. In addition they include nutrition, exercise, skin and hair care advices. Also teaching on how to behave with photographers and photo shooting.

–      Find the right agency. A modeling agency is necessary to introduce you to the world of fashion, to train you and get deals or contracts. Generally new models are founded by modeling scouts that discover new faces in shopping malls, clubs, or other popular places around the country. But if this does not happen, make a research and find some agencies in your area. Contact them or send pictures of yourself. Also be informed on when agencies open castings and be part of them.

–      Send some photos to agencies. Photographs should be simple and natural, when are clearly seen face and body. Better if you don’t use makeup and take photos in natural light. Or you can consider making some professional photo shooting with a reliable photographer.

–      Once you have started and have clear goals of what you want, you feel confident with camera and people, try to connect with the right people and do not give up if you face any rejection. Rejections are part of business and all new models experience any of them.

–      If you are lucky or talented you probably will get a contract with an agency. Maybe not in your city or country but the agency will make the possible to make you comfortable with the new life. The staff there will be like a second family for you, to support you in difficulties, give security and trust. But of course are your talent, personality, style, willpower and ambition that will help you in every step toward modeling world.

–      An important rule in this job is to be yourself, do not try to be somebody else or to copy her style. Presenting yourself is what clients appreciate most. Be natural, with no makeup or just a little, dress simply and behave as a professional.

–      To be a successful model you have to be confident in front of a camera, not having complex about nudity, not be shy and enjoy having photos. If you like your job it’s much easier for you and people that work with you to have satisfactory results. Try to find out which is your best character and play with it.

If you are not good as Top model for runways there are different types of modeling work that can be the right for you:

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1.   Commercial print

There are so many models that work for print advertising. Advertising is large from magazines, to business represent or supermarket products. Here is important to know how to pose in front of a camera. Another advantage is that there are no strict rules, because criteria depend on what are you advertising, so the chances are greater.

2.   Editorial print

This is just for magazine editorials but the standards required are like those in High Fashion. Being photogenic is a vantage for a model but in general those who work in High Fashion also works in Editorial Print.

3.   High Fashion

This is probably the most difficult type of modeling with strict standards and requirements. Female models should be 172-180cm tall, with a dress size 4-6 US and age from 14 to 25. Also guys have requirements but the age limit is until 40’s. There have been continuously discussions about these parameters but they haven’t changed yet.

4.   Glamour modeling

What you need to be a Glamour Model, is to be beautiful, confident and sexy. You can make swimwear or lingerie photo shoots for magazines. Here is not required to be 180 tall but be careful who to contact the right persons and not be victim of dishonest people.

5.   TV Commercials

Modeling in TV is much easier because there are no strict criteria for size, height or age. Maybe this will be a good starting for your career. All that you need is an acting ability that can be innate ability or learned.

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