Hottest nail polish colors for Summer 2013

nail trends 2013

To make a fashion statement its not enough just clothes and accessories, you must pay attention even to your nails. For more is sandal season, your feet should look perfect. No more French manicures, just some summer hues to bright up this season.

Inspired by celebrities and fashion designers here are the hottest nail polish trend for summer 2013:

Nude polish

nude nail polishes

Nude is a neutral color that pairs with everything, pattern or other colors. It’s appropriate for every occasion, every day wear or special events. The shades vary from ivory, creamy beige or light grey. It’s very feminine at the same time. You can use it in manicure or pedicure. They were seen at Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Gucci and Rag & Bone.


pastel nails

The hues of pastel colors are perfect for spring and summer season. Lavender, salmon color, peach, mint or sky blue, are candy shades which paired with outwear and accessories look perfect. It’s a nice alternative for those who doesn’t dare for neon colors.

Metallic flashes

metallic nails

Gold, silver or cooper, metallics are a good idea for nails. A luxury touch seen at Nicole Miller and Monika Chiang. You can mix it with other bright colors as stripes for a perfect summer look.


coral nail

Coral shades are so hot his summer. They represent that tropical and exotic touch that brings in mind only beach and vacancies. It is also not too extravagant to wear to the office. And for your feet try bolder coral shades like tangerine, juicy or neon coral.

Teal and turquoise

teal nails

The hottest colors of this summer 2013, perfect as nail polishes even for everyday wear. The colors of the sea, teal or aquamarine, comes with so many variations to pair with your outfit and to complete your look.

Ombre nails

ombre nails

Shades of the same color, one brighter and other darker, is the latest trend of summer 2013 nails. You can do it on your own by using a sponge to create the perfect ombre effect. Try different colors until you find the hues that look better on your nails. Create ombre effect horizontally or vertically.

Speckled nails

speckled nails

The eggshell effect with variety of colors comes as a top trend of this season. The most used and popular are pastel shades as Deborah Lippmann or Illamasqua. You must try at least one time this trend during summer 2013.

As a cheap accessory, play with nail polishes and try the newest trend of colors and design.

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