Get ready for spring with these diet tips

spring diet tips

You are enthusiastic that spring has come but are you ready to uncover those extra pounds you get in winter? You are conscious that in winter you pass the limits and now you have to work hard to be fit and ready for warm weather.

Don’t worry there is no need of big sacrifices, just make few changes in your daily nutrition and lifestyle. Here are some diet tips to follow to be ready for spring:

1. Pay attention to snacks


healthy snacksSnacks are very important to be part of your daily nutrition. Eating them between your meals twice a day, they help keeping your energy levels consistent. Snacks control your appetite by preventing being so hungry and reach then for unhealthy junk food. Saks are included by dietitians in diet menu to lose weight. But be careful what you choose for snack. A snack should have about 100 calories. Instead of ice-cream, chips opt for yogurt, whole grain crackers or fruits. They are low in calories and satisfy your hunger.

2. Put your kitchen on diet

junk food

Having unhealthy food in your fridge or around the kitchen may sabotage your diet. I’m sure you can’t resist the temptation when you see them so better get rid of them and substitute them with healthy alternatives. Vegetables and fruits must be part of your everyday meal. According to studies, eating salad at first, help lower the amount of calories intake in the rest of the meal. Lettuce, celery, cucumbers, tomatoes are healthy and low in calorie. Also eat cereal like oatmeal in the morning. Whole grains are always a good choice.

3. Yes, chocolate is permitted

dark chocolate

Chocolate especially the dark one is not only delicious but it boosts serotonin the hormone that improves your mood. But eat just a small amount, don’t exaggerate. Dark chocolate has a strong flavor and is rich in antioxidants, which are important for your overall health and beauty.

4. Drink plenty of water

drink plenty of water

Yes, you heard this million times but are you doing that seriously? Water is not like other liquids, it’s necessary to keep you hydrated and it helps you on loosing weight. Drinking water prevent eating too much and also helps your body burn stored fat. It’s also essential on detoxing your body. Drink around 8-glasses of water everyday.

5. Dairy products

dairy products

If your goal is to lose some pounds and to be fit for spring, you must include dairy products into your slimming plan. Milk, cheese and yogurt are a good source of protein, calcium and vitamin B very important for our body. Opt for low fat dairy products such as greek yogurt, skimmed milk or low fat cheese. Eat 3 servings of dairy products during a day. You can combine yogurt with cereals or fruits to.

6. Spicy foods

spicy peppers

Is proved that spicy foods act as an appetite suppressant. Those people who consume spicy salads or snacks eat less during meals or during the day. Include red peppers, black pepper and ginger in your menu plan. The thermogenetic effect, boost your metabolism and increase the rate of fat burning.

7. Workout

workout couple

A simple diet does not guarantee you the weight lost if not combined with physical activity. And if you are not a fan of gym there are a lot of other choices equally effective. Zumba, pilates, yoga, swimming, jogging or just 20 minutes of walking with your dog in the park boost your body. To make your workout a pleasure you should not do the same workout routine very time. Try to combine the workouts, so you won’t be bored and you will fully enjoy it.

Follow these tips continuously and be realistic with your expectations. Don’t wait for a miracle. Set your goals and be patient to wait for the desired results. If followed seriously you will love the changes, you will be more confident and ready for spring!

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