7 Skin care tips on Spring

skin care on spring

With the new season coming, you have to refresh your wardrobe, your accessories, diet and skin care routine to. You have to understand first of all that through each season, your skin has different necessities.

To start you should control the lotions, cleansers and sunscreen if are suitable for spring because some products you used in winter may not work well in spring or summer.

Fortunately, having a flawless skin is much easier in warm seasons than in winter with fewer problems but you have to be customized with a special routine and to follow it regularly.

Here are some tips on how to take care of your skin during spring season:

1- Use sunscreen

sun protection

Is the most essential rule for spring and summer. Even that applying sunscreen must be through all the year, I know that most of you skip it during winter. Now you should not skip it anymore, get back and use SPF moisturizer at least +20 to prevent sun damages, premature aging, dark spots etc. If your sunscreen causes acne, breakouts or dryness, look for a specific oil free formula or with oxybenzone ingredient.

2- Moisturize

skin moisturizer

No matter how much oily is your skin, everyone must wear a moisturizer. In spring your skin produce more oil than in winter but you should always keep the skin hydrated. Instead switch for a lighter moisturizer, oil free gel with matte effect. However, if you have a dry skin, go on using your rich moisturizer that nourish deeply the skin and do weekly homemade facials.

3- Exfoliating

skin exfolation

As we said skin tends to become oilier when temperatures rise, so to keep your skin clear exfoliate it or use a toner with acid glycolic. Exfoliation is very important for the health of your skin and help to resolve skin problems like: blemishes, clogged pores, dry skin, acne scars, and hyperpigmentation. Generally you should exfoliate twice a week but if you have sensitive skin, once a week is enough. Remember less is better than more, so don’t over exfoliate your skin because you can harm it and avoid the eye area.

4- Eye cream

eye area hydration

You know that eye area is more sensitive compared with other parts on face. So you should treat it separately and with different products. Not only the persons who want to treat wrinkles should use eye cream, everyone should even women in their 20s. There are lot of choices for keeping hydrated that sensitive skin, or treating puffiness and dark circles. For the last one, opt for gel formulas which contain green tea and caffeine to improve blood circulation.

5- Refresh your foundation


Now that the sun is stronger, your skin will be affected by it and getting darker. In this way you should consider changing your foundation shade. Choose a darker one but first try it on the side of your hand to see if the color matches. If in winter you usually use a creamy foundation, in spring and summer better use a matte effect foundation or powder to cover that shiny look of the skin.

6- Use Vitamin C

vitamin c on skin

Using Vitamin C is a good idea any time of the year but the results are more powerful on spring when the antioxidant power of Vitamin C helps the skin to recover from harsh winter conditions. Including antioxidants in your skin care routine and in your diet, helps to boost natural defenses against sun damages of the warm weather. Use cosmetic products that contain this ingredient or choose natural sources of vitamin C like lemon, mango, blackberries etc.

7- Refresh your makeup bag

makeup products

Be careful with the beauty products expiring dates, because can cause skin irritation or problems. Look into your makeup bag and replace some products. For example, you should change your mascara every 3-months, one lipstick can be used for one year, eyes pencils can be used up to three years, foundation last until 18 month or longer if it’s an oil-based product and brushes must be washed every 3-weeks.

Consider these tips and make them a pleasant beauty routine to have a flawless skin in spring.

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