10 fashion trends for Fall-Winter 2013

fall winter 2013 trends

Summer is over and fall comes with slowly changes on weather that are reflected on peoples mood, lifestyle and of course on fashion. Like very season fall-winter trends were presented by designers in runways but now they are ready to wear, you can find everything on stores.

Some are really new trends, some are retro styles that are in vogue again and others are last year trends enriched with new details and elements.

From catwalks of London, Milan, Paris and New York here are the 10 top trend of fall-winter 2013:

1.   White in winter

white fall trend

It’s like a cliche that white color represent summer and black represent winter. That’s not true. You can wear every color in every season you want, like white in winter. White gown, white coat or white sweaters were seen at Giambattista Valli, Proenza Schouler, Celine, Salvatore Ferragamo etc. a simple hue that gives a touch of chic and modern at the same time.

2.   Skirts with sweaters

skirts and sweater

A stylish combination of skirts paired with knit sweaters, boots, tights and coats for the cool season of winter. It’s a casual look, comfortable and perfect for a fall weekend. Designers like Nina Ricci or Bottega Veneta created an evening combination of cashmere sweaters and silk evening skirts. The secret of this trend is to wear a casual boyfriend sweater with a feminine skirt (slim pencil skirt or flirty skirt).

3.  Shades of grey

grey shades fall

If you don’t like the standard colors black and white look for grey shades. This hue is very used this season by designers like Michael Kors, Oscar de la Renta, Billy Reid etc.

4.   Pattern and printed

fall 2013 printed

Pattern is not a new trend anymore, is always in vogue, every season with changes of colors and designs. This fall 2013 it was widely used in coats, dresses, and accessories. Be careful to pair them with solid colors not with other printed clothes.

5.   Masculine style

masculine style

Add some masculine style to your wardrobe, with wool fabrics and checks design and grunge like in Saint Laurent or Celine fashion shows. Also high waisted pants, sleeveless blazers, over sized coats and wide shoulders are also masculine elements proposed by Giorgio Armani or Ralph Lauren.

6.   Grunge

grunge trend 2013

A previous trend of 80’ comes back again with new elements and few changes. A little rock, punk and heavy metal style hit the runways this season. Leather fabrics with studs, plaid shirts and rebellious boots which can be paired with a feminine dress to soften up the style.

7.   Suits

suits fall 2013

Fitted jacket with slim pencil skirts proposed by Oscar de la Renta, Gucci and others for a classic and ladylike look. But the innovative things are colors, fabrics and designs.

8.   Leather

leather fall 2013

Chic and at the same time a little punk, leather is used lately in every season. Black leather is the most common but this year Hermes, Prada and Louis Vuitton propose head to toe crocodile leather.

9.   Fur and textures

fur fall 2013

A fall winter season has no sense without fur. This year we seen soft colors, not only fur coats but fur was seen as handbags, evening gown, pocket detailing, skirts or collars. If you love extravagance and you can afford an original fur, go on but if not find a faux fur and follow this trend.

10.   Luxury details

luxury elements fashion

A touch of luxury is often needed for special events or even for a night out. Often the details make the difference so pay attention to them. Embellished gowns, shiny, crowns most common for Dolce & Gabbana designer, but seen also at Lanvin, Gucci etc were the luxury part of Fall-Winter 2013 fashion shows.

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