Men fashion trends Fall-Winter 2013

There are fewer articles, posts, shows that talk about men fashion compared to women fashion. Maybe that’s because even designers propose more new trends for females and men are shyer to dare for new trends.

Anyway there are new ideas for men on every season, to be fashionable and in line with latest trends.

men fall 2013

From fashion catwalks of Fall-Winter 2013 2014 these are fashion trends for men:

There are no more only the classic colors black, grey, blue and white for men. Designers launch every season other hues, some not wearable but still interesting and attractive.

Orange key color

Enrich your wardrobe adding some orange hues, used in coats, knits, gloves or other accessories. Play also with texture and printed to make a statement and create a unique style.

men orange color

Wearing orange outerwear can be a little difficult and you know you will be in center of others attention but if you don’t mind it, go on. They look good as a parka or bomber jacket for a casual or street style look.

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Almond oil uses for skin and hair

Almond oil is one of the most popular oils used in beauty routine for its properties and benefits. There are two types of oil, bitter and sweet but the last one is more popular which is rich in nutrition values and fatty acids.

You can consume it or just use it as external topical application. This nourishing oil contains vitamins A, B and E which are essential for skin youthful and health. It works like a natural cleanser and emollient, does not clog pores and works wonders to under eye circles. Skip the expensive creams and use sweet almond oil, but the pure one, cold presses variety because does not contain toxins or chemicals.

almond oil

Almond oil for skin

  • It’s perfect as a skin moisturizer, most suitable for dry to mix skin. Oily skin people should use it more rarely. Just put some drops into your fingers and massage gently your skin, it gets absorbed quickly without clogging pores.

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10 fashion trends for Fall-Winter 2013

fall winter 2013 trends

Summer is over and fall comes with slowly changes on weather that are reflected on peoples mood, lifestyle and of course on fashion. Like very season fall-winter trends were presented by designers in runways but now they are ready to wear, you can find everything on stores.

Some are really new trends, some are retro styles that are in vogue again and others are last year trends enriched with new details and elements.

From catwalks of London, Milan, Paris and New York here are the 10 top trend of fall-winter 2013:

1.   White in winter

white fall trend

It’s like a cliche that white color represent summer and black represent winter. That’s not true. You can wear every color in every season you want, like white in winter. White gown, white coat or white sweaters were seen at Giambattista Valli, Proenza Schouler, Celine, Salvatore Ferragamo etc. a simple hue that gives a touch of chic and modern at the same time.

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What is Yo-Yo dieting and how to stop it

yo yo dieting

Who hasn’t tried once in his life a diet to lose or gain weight? How many diets with extreme sacrifices and no results? But the worst thing is when you reach your goal, you lose those pounds and for a short period of time you regain those pounds again.

In this post we will talk about yo-yo dieting or “weight cycling” facts, effects and how to stop it.

What is yo-yo diet?


Yo-yo diet is one type of many extreme fad diets which occurs when losing significant amount of weight and gain it back again. Also known as “weight cycling” referring to the cycle of repetitive weight loss and weight gain. Initially you will be pleased by results, but consuming few calories, skipping meals can be harmful for your health and the most difficult thing is to maintain that weight in long term. Yo-yo dieting is a common problem but you should not be demoralized. Instead find out the causes and try to stop this cycle by having a healthy nutrition.

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